Wednesdays ballroom group class a good time with Waltz, Foxtrot and Tango.

This Wednesdays ballroom group class at the JB Floyd Community Center in North Myrtle Beach was a good time with Waltz, Foxtrot and Tango.

  Feeling inspired by Fred and Ginger, we got all Show Busy with the roll turn, a great piece of Foxtrot dancing for the ladies.  This time we studied the Open Right Basic to the aforementioned Roll Turn and a Outside Check following up that with a Back Running Step to a Wing – Whew! That was fun.  Next, we did all that as an approved variation to the Waltz – same pattern, just performed to a Waltz rhythm.

  The Tango also included the Roll Turn element, but this time, the lady was presented in a Shadow Position going in the Shadow Rocks and finishing up this cool Tango step with an Open Fan finish.  What a great class!  We really took our ballroom dancing into some fancy dancing today – thanks students – it nice as a teacher to be able to get into these advanced elements.  Couldn’t have done it without cha!

  We have a ballroom dance group class every Wednesday 12 noon at the JB Floyd center – $10 per person $15 for a couple.

  YES! I want to try some of this fancy ballroom dancing – How do I make this happen?! 

Just click on the pic below and all will be revealed.