Wednesday JB Floyd Ballroom Group Class learns how to do the Tango, reviewed the Paso Doble and the Rumba. 

The Tango is the dance that teaches a man how to lead and a lady how to follow, when the Tango music plays only the real dancers remain on the floor.  Tango is a legendary Ballroom dance – there is nothing like it, and today we went over the proper Tango footwork, musical signature and applied those skills to the basic and the Left Promenade. 

Next, we did a quick review of the Paso Doble that we studied during Mondays group class and then on to the Rumba, a popular night club slow dance. We have prepared for the last 2 weeks for an evening out dancing for this weekend, I am getting a good response and we should have a size able crew of dancers attending. 

Tango – will teach you how to lead.

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