Wednesday JB Floyd Ballroom Class Foxtrots Rumbas and Tangos

Our Wednesday group class started with a Foxtrot review of all of the Slow,Slow, Quick, Quick patterns, a set of new Rumba moves and a study in American Tango and the Argentine Tango.  This Ballroom group meets at noon on Wednesday at the J B Floyd Community Center in North Myrtle Beach. 

I began presenting this Foxtrot series 3 weeks ago looking at all of the figures that use a common timing and today we looked at The Right Rock Turn, the Pivot, the Corkscrew and the Astaire Sway, all advanced steps and smooth technique. 

Wingo Hom was in town a few weeks ago and he and Maria gave us some nice sets like this ‘Peek a Boo’ to ‘Shoulder Spin’ grouping in Cha Cha, which I changed to a Rumba rhythm. 

About half way through the class we switched to a Tango Fan study in American Tango and then looked at the same pattern as an Argentine Tango.  A nice group class with a lot of variety. 

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