Wednesday Group Class – Royal Wedding Waltz Review

On Wednesday Carolina Dance Partners regular JB Floyd Community Center Group Class did a Royal Wedding Waltz Review.

  For you that have been reading this weeks blogs, you know that the group classes have been practicing a very nice Silver Waltz pattern known as the Open Side Lock and today the JB Floyd group learned the entire figure from beginning to end. I was really pleased how it all came together (I was especially impressed with the beginners – nice job!).  We also did a little more with the salsa, learning how to lead and follow the Cross-Over Breaks with ladies underarm turn.

  In the upcoming sessions for the remainder of the week we will wrap up the Open Side Lock, taking the figure from start to finish – congrats to all of the students that participated in the Royal Wedding Waltz session – you now have a beautiful Silver Waltz step that will surely impress the other dancers.

  Do me a favor – when anyone asks you where you learned that pattern tell ’em Paul McTaggart with Carolina Dance Partners. 

If I only could do fancy steps like that I would be so happy – YOU can! Click on the pic below and be connected to the web site