Wednesday Ballroom Group Learns Advanced Cha-Cha/Foxtrot

This group had fun learning how to do the advance ‘Cross Triple’ in Cha-cha and the Fallaway Grapevine, a Silver Foxtrot pattern.

  I explained to the class about the ‘Skaters System’ of training.  A long time ago the chain studios borrowed the bronze/silver/gold system from the Olympics as a method to determine levels of ballroom dance training.  Bronze is the beginner level where important techniques are established, Silver is the creative level and Gold is for show. 

The Fallaway Grapevine has something to study on practically every unit of movement, from the grapevine to the Riff Turn and the syncopated finish – a very involved pattern.  At the half way point of the class I will shift into simplicity – the study gets easier – why? – because I want you walking away from class feeling like a hero – a winner – so, I always complete the class with something everyone can accomplish. 

Genius – I know.

We reviewed a Cha-Cha figure called the ‘Cross Triple’, a stylish way of doing a Progressive and once we had that, I added the Chase Turns.  We will have to return to the Fallaway Grapevine to tighten up a couple of tricky spots and then we will have a beautiful Foxtrot figure that will impress our friends.

  Remember Carolina Dance Partners have 2 group classes at the JB Floyd Community Center in North Myrtle Beach – Mondays at 11 am and Wednesday at noon. 

I would love to learn how to do the Cha Cha Cha!  Click on the pic below for more info