Wednesday Ballroom Class Learns More About Swing, Rumba and Calypso

Usually we meet noon Wednesdays at the JB Floyd Community Center.however this Wednesday Ballroom Group Class was held at the Academy of Dance and Fine Arts.  The subjects today was elements of the East Coast Swing Basics, The Rumba with Ladies Underarm Turn and the Calypso.  Since we already were familiar with the Triple Time Basic we studied the Throw Out and the 4 kicks, including the lead and follow and shaping.  Next we took a look at the Rumba Underarm Turn with improvements on execution.  To finish the class I decide on the Calypso – the Basic, the Promenade, and the Sombrero Turn. The Wednesday noon Ballroom Group will be returning to JB Floyd after the holidays.

Make your New Years Resolution to learn how to Ballroom Dance –

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