The Wednesdays JB Floyd Ballroom Group Class studied the Tango and the Swing

We get together every Wednesday at 12 noon and this week we went a little bit further with our Tango, reviewing the basic, the promenade and adding something new – the open break and right side pass.  I am very pleased with how my students are handling the Tango, their footwork and timing are very accurate. 

At the half hour we switched to the Swing, and keeping with our Aretha Franklin theme we danced to her hit ‘ Chain of Fools’.  ‘Chain of Fools’ is a great song with a steady beat and some very cool changes – really enjoyable song to study our East Coast Swing.  One of the patterns that we focused on with the Sliding Doors, concentrating on the lead and follow. 

A successful study in Tango and Swing – I am very happy with our progress today. 

Tango! That sounds great! I want to learn how to Tango –

Just click on the pic below and you too can Tango.