The Monday Night Ballroom Group Class at the 1st Presbyterian Church in Myrtle Beach always has a very good turn out. 

This group was made up of intermediate to advanced students, so, the Silver Waltz Open Right and the Bolero Basics were the patterns that I selected for this evenings study.  Half of the group already knew much of the material and I encouraged them to be more ‘artistic’ with the Waltz action by adding some nice topline shaping and sway. Also, I reminded them about the importance of proper smooth footwork.  We broke down the pattern, isolating a few problem areas, making the corrections and creating an improved figure – I was so proud of the way my students handled the details. 

Next we went for the Bolero – a move called a ‘Hockey Stick’ to an underarm chase turn. 

As always, once I open up a set of patterns we will revisit them for the next few weeks to make sure that we ‘own’ them – after all what is the point of trying something new every week when we didn’t really accomplish this assignment.  Repetition is the secret to ‘getting it’.  I was pleased with the progress that we made this evening, however, in the next weeks, I do want to advanced the Silver Waltz Open Right into some better actions, like the Fallaway.

This looks like the kind of ballroom dance class I would enjoy – how can I join?

Its easy, just click on the pic below and you will be instantly transported to the website