The Latest Dance Dossier – December 15th 2018

The Dossier – Christmas Waltz Project Finale, A Great Foot Massage, NASA Ballroom Space Dance Program, Dance & Drum Circle Fun, Dressing up Your Dancing

Editors Notes – Its another great edition of the Grand Strand Dance Dossier – your ballroom dance news connection – Here’s whats happening now. Carolina Dance Partners has been working on the Christmas Waltz Project since Halloween and now its time for a Finale’ Party scheduled for Friday December 21st – check out the details.  We all need to know about foot massage – read all about in part one.  Ballroom Dance in outer space? Just think of the possibilities.  Recently we had a dance and drum circle and we have the exclusive scoop on the event.  Look your best the next time you go to a ballroom event, read all about it with Dressing up your dancing – PLUS – we have the latest group class reviews to keep you updated with all the best dancing on the Grand Strand.
Lets go Dancing!
Paul McTaggart

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