Swingles is a swing dance society for Grand Strand Singles.

We started off the class by discussing a recent swing dance event that we held last Thursday at a local Myrtle Beach location, reviewing the evening as it pertains to the styles of dance, which included Disco, Country 2 step, Shag, Jitterbug and even some Waltz and Cha-cha.

Tonight, I began the Swingles group with a East Coast Swing warm-up where we change partners and meet the other Club Members – the featured song tonight was a Stax Records Sam and Dave tune called ‘Hold on, I’m Coming’. 

Some of the Club Members were asking about West Coast Swing and so we delved into the basic ideas of that style of swing and then moved on to our regular Shag studies that we have been doing for the last month or so, spending some time on the Basic, the Chase and the Prep Step. 

We change partners a lot in Swingles and also learn how to lead and follow (I encourage all of my students – ballroom, swing, Latin, etc, – to study dancing as if they were training to be an instructor, learning both the man’s as well as the lady’s patterns, this is one of the secrets to my success).

The hour flew by and we wrapped it up with a Jitterbug review, dancing to ‘Bandstand’ by Barry Manilow. 

My swing dance students are quickly improving with every effort, and we are always looking for new Club Members to join us on Monday’s.  I will be planning another Swingles dance outing real soon – stayed tuned!

YES! I am single and would like to learn how to Shag – Here I go! I’m clicking on the picture below to get started…