Swingles learned a variety of swing styles during group class – East Coast, Shag, Disco and Jitterbug.

  Swingles is a swing dance community for Grand Strand singles – we meet at the 1st Presbyterian Church, 3810 Grissom Pkwy Myrtle Beach every Monday at 8.  To be in Swingles you will need a monthly membership of $30 and that covers all of your Monday Swingles sessions, the First Friday Practice Dance Party and monthly outings and events to local Myrtle Beach night clubs.  Its Safe! You will be out with other Swingles Club Members. 

In tonight’s class we started out with an East Coast warm up where our members changed partners – we dance to the music a lot in Swingles – this is how you can meet a lot of new people and make new friends. 

Because we are going out to Ducks to see Miracle Max and the Pocket Monsters (a local 80’s tribute band) we got into our Disco Hustle a little extra this evening. 

Next, we did a Shag review of our basics and went over the Toe-Heel Swivels one more time.  To wrap up the class, our friend Dancin’ Sandee gave us a quick tutorial on the Jitterbug and we finished the group class dancing to Jerry Lee Lewis ‘Great Balls of Fire’. 

YES! I want to know how I can join Swingles! 

Its easy – click on the pic below and you can be connected to Myrtle Beaches fastest growing swing dance club.