Swingles is back and we are now meeting every Monday at 8 at our new location, starting immediately.  Are you single and want to meet other singles – well, we’ve got the answer – Swingles is a swing dance community of singles (get it? Singles + Swing = Swingles) and by joining our club you will learn how to swing dance – that includes jive, shag, jitterbug, East coast swing, disco and more. 

A Swingles monthly membership is $30 per person and covers all of your Monday night sessions – PLUS – we go out as a group once a month to dance to live music and jukeboxes.  Don’t sit at home when you can enjoy the benefits of social swing dance.  For more information Click on the link below or call Paul at 843-798-2639. 

Click here for more information about SWINGLES