Swingles go out on the town for a night of Swing Dancing

This last Monday the Carolina Dance Partners Swingles Club went out on the town for a night of Swing Dancing.  We did a short session with the East Coast Swing, changing partners and rehearsing the basic moves, then, we broke out in to teams to work on our ‘Swing Sets’. 

From there our swing dancing friends went to a local Myrtle Beach Discotheque for a night out on the town for swing dancing.  We did the Disco Hustle, the East Coast Swing and even a little Cha Cha Cha.  Sandee gave us a brief demo of Hip Hop styles and Bo showed us his exclusive 2 Girl Swing performance with Cindy and Sue. However, the big news tonight was when we debuted our Swing Sets for the 1st time in a public – it was a real show stopper and I am very proud of how this project has progressed – Way to go!  We will have photos of the event in an upcoming Club Scene Magazine.  Interested in how YOU can join Swingles?  Click on the picture below for more.