Swingles go out on the town for a Disco Dance Party

We located a friendly club on an off night  and so we scheduled an evening in Myrtle Beach for a couple of hours of swing dancing.  The DJ played a lot of 80’s Disco, and we Hustled, East Coast Swinged (is that even a word?) and Cha-Cha’d to ‘Celebrate’ and ‘We Are Family’. 

SWINGLES  is a swing dance community for singles – we meet every Monday at 8 pm.  Club dues are reasonable, only $30 per month and that covers all of the Monday evening sessions.  We want you to know how to do a variety of swing styles and we study Jitterbug, Shag, Country, Disco, Bop and more.  For a limited time only we are doing sessions on 60’s Free Style with Sandee and having a good time with it –

YOU are encouraged to join today – call Paul at 843-798-2639 or click on the picture below.