Swing Dance For Singles Learns How To Do The Country 2-Step

Tonight during Swing Dance For Singles we reviewed the Fred Astaire step that we started last week – the Back to Back and Swivels – and added the ‘Skaters’ position to our Country and Western 2-Step.  We always warm up with an East Coast Swing where we change partners a few times, then we get into the studies. 

We already have a good idea about the Back to Back and Swivels, but it doesn’t hurt to go over it just one more time.  Sandee showed us some nice styling on how to do the swivels, which we applied to some rockin’ country swing music. 

At the half hour we switch to the 2-Step, reviewing the subject from last week and this time we learned how to get into and out of the ‘Skaters’ position.  We change partners a lot and once we were comfortable we tried it to some 2-Step tunes by Dolly Parton.  We have a dance this Friday and there is always a few 2- Steps in the mix.

Country 2-Step sounds like fun! How can I join?

Its Easy – click on the pic below and get connected.