Swing Dance for Singles Learns East Coast and Free Style To The Sounds Of Motown

Swing Dance for Singles is every Monday at 8:00.  We always begin with a East Coast mixer, playing 2 or 3 swing tunes while we change partners.  This is how we meet new people and make new friends.  After the warm up we got right into a review of the Toe-Heel Swivels, connecting them to the basic and the underarm turns.  Half way through we switched to the Jitterbug for a study in the ladies turns, and finally we had a session with Dancin’ Sandee for a lesson in Swing Dance Free Style to some great Motown songs.  Sandee believes in review so she took us through the Free Style Basics one more time – the Step Touch with variations, the Temptation Walk, and the Touch Step with timing changes.  In one hour we cover a lot on material.  We will be planning a dance outing in a few weeks so stay tuned!

Motown is my Favorite – I wanna learn how to Swing Dance

You Can! Join Us Every Monday At 8:00 – Click on the pic below and learn today