Perfecting the Foxtrot at the Monday Evening Group Class

This summer the Ballroom Dance Preservation Society has scheduled quite a few Big Band Dances featuring the Star Dusters and we want to be ready -so -The Carolina Dance Partners are Perfecting the Foxtrot at the Monday Evening Group Class. 

If you have been reading these blogs you will recall that we are concentrating on 3 popular musical timings in our Foxtrot Studies, first, the  basic Foxtrot timing (slow, slow, quick quick) then the box rhythm (slow, quick, quick, slow, quick, quick) and the grapevine (a series of quicks). 

Tonight was a huge success, taking the patterns that we learned last week and connecting them together to make a nice set of steps that progresses down line of dance and this week was a big leap forward in our Foxtrot sequence.  The Foxtrot is a MUST when you attend a Big Band Dance – the movements are sophisticated and classy – Do you want to learn the Foxtrot?  Get started by clicking on the picture below