More great tips on ballroom dance lead and follow

Carolina Dance Partners wants to make sure that you are the best dancer that you can be with More great tips on ballroom dance lead and follow.

  Here is a cool method to help you study your lead and follow EVEN if you have never ballroom danced before – this is amazing because it is already something that you possess – your imagination.  Since ballroom dancing is an art, we need to approach it with an artists mind – by picturing a couple in dance position (you have seen this movie before). 

Notice how they hold each other – refine the image – the man’s left hand is holding the ladies right hand, he is cradling her with his right hand and she had her left hand to the inside of his chest. 

Really study and become familiar with all of these connections and we will be releasing more tips and secrets of lead and follow in the future.  Remember – picture this in your mind – all of the answers are there. 

YES! I want to become a good social ballroom dancer – all I have to do is click on the picture below to get started.