Monday Swingles learn Shag Basics

This Monday Swingles learned how to do the Shag Basics, reviewed the Toe Heel Swivel and did the country 2-step. 

Tonight we got started on our Shag Sessions – I will be advertising that you can learn how to Shag at the Swingles Club Classes and we got pretty far this evening with a few basics.  We started with a simple shag basic, added the ladies turns and then the turn for the guys and finished with the Snake Basic – that was about a half an hour of group class.

  Every week we work a little bit on the Toe Heel Swivel and this class was a break thru for some of our swing dancers that were struggling with it – the Toe Heel Swivel can be a tricky step, but tonight we got it! The idea was to add the Toe Heel Swivels to our ‘Swing Sets’ and it was a success – I love it when a plan comes together. 

The last part of the class was to review and practice our country 2-step.  Its great to get a solid hour of accomplished swing dancing.

  Swingles is a singles society of swing dancers – it is a club and you will need a monthly membership to join. 

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