Monday Singles Group Class Learns New Patterns In Swing And Country 2-Step

Swing for Singles is every Monday 8:00 – tonight we learned how to do the Passing Changes or the Sliding Doors in the East Coast Swing.  The tricky part is the lead to get this pattern started, so we worked on the basic triple time into the the move – it wasn’t long and the class got the hang of it. 

Next, was the review of the Toe-Heel Swivels that we started last week.  In my group classes we stay with the subject so we can master our dancing – sure, I could come up the the ‘Move of the Week’ formula – but that just leads to frustration – review and repetition gets the job done. Just for fun we wanted to see if the guys could lead the Toe-Heel Swivel with 2 women. It looked great! Way to go guys. 

To finish the group class and to prepare our upcoming night out dancing we tackled the Country 2-Step with Ladies Underarm Turn. Success again. Swing for Singles is $10 per group class and we plan an evening out on the town.

Swing and 2-Step?! I want to join this class!  Its simple – click on the pic below and you can get all the information.