Monday night Ballroom Dances Silver Waltz Shadow Boxes for 2nd Week – Review is the answer to your perfection

We have ballroom dance class every Monday at the 1st Presbyterian Church located at 3810 Grissom Pkwy in Myrtle Beach and this was week number 2 for our fancy advanced Waltz figure entitled the Open Left Shadow Boxes with Man’s Fake.  To learn a step this involved a dancer will need to repeat and review it a number of times and in the end you will possess some very nice choreography that will impress your friends.

This is a wonderful looking pattern – a bit showy – and a study in partnership.  Last week I introduced the pattern, breaking in down in the beginning (man’s fake) to the middle (Shadow Box) to the finish.  This week it was easier and we improved it greatly, however, we still have one more session to go to really ‘get it’.   Be sure to make the next Monday evening session for the finale where we add some styling and really practice to the music.

I want to learn how to Ballroom Dance. 

You can! Click on the pic below and let’s get started today