Monday, May 7th Swingles Class Review

Here is your class review for Swingles Class Monday May 7th.  Our Swingles group class starts promptly at 8:00 every Monday and this week we warmed up with the East Coast Swing (triple time).  At the beginning of class we rotate our dancers so that everyone gets a chance to meet all the club members of Swingles, after that we reviewed the pattern called ‘4 Kicks’.  We added that to our ‘Swing Sets’, which is a 4 count Hustle swing game.  Melinda practiced the calls for the Swing Sets, doing a fine job with the Double Turns and the He-Goes-She-Goes calls.  As promised, the finish of the group class, Sandee does about 20 minutes on 60 styles of dancing.  This coming week Swingles has a couple dance outings planned.  YES! I am interested in this singles group by clicking on the picture below