Monday Ballroom is learning a Fancy Advanced Silver Waltz Pattern – Attend Class and Success is Guaranteed

We had great attendance at this Monday Ballroom group, thanks for turning out in such numbers.  You can find us 7:00 at the 1st Presbyterian Church 3810 Robt Grissom Pkwy in Myrtle Beach.

  Tonight we did a crash course in a fancy advanced and beautiful Waltz figure entitled the Open Left Box in Parallel Partners.  This is a big mover with lots of show potential, and once we start a new pattern such as this one, we will stick with it for a least 3 weeks to really make sure that we ‘Own’ it.  Steps like this need attention, I break it down to its essential parts, we dance it to the music, we repeat it over and over and soon it belongs to us.  Next we will review it, and then the 3rd week we will add the styling – it will be a great investment of you time and effort – you will have a wonderful Silver Waltz figure.

Along with learning how to Waltz we also study our new subject called ‘Balance’.  Tonight I gave a brief look at how we will accomplish better balance through ballroom dancing.  Keep coming to group classes and your balance will improve.

I also encourage you to come by this Friday for our Halloween Date Night Dance and Drum Circle – There will be a lesson at 7 and the Drum Circle Party at 8 – you are welcome to bring your own drum or percussion, a snack for the community table and a friend. Carolina Dance Partners will supply the Apple Cider, holiday beverages, soda, ice, paper plates, utensils and cups.

Wow! I would like to learn some fancy Waltz!

You can join us just click on the pic below and let’s get started.