Monday Ballroom Dance Group Tangos and Cha-cha’s – 21 Jan 19

Monday Ballroom Group Class was another smash – we had a large turn out of dance students to study their Tango and Cha-cha.

We always start on time (7:00) and we began with our fancy ValenTango pattern ‘Tango Lines’, really emphasizing the picture poses.  In a few weeks we have a photo shoot scheduled and we need to know our poses before the date.  Tango Lines is an exciting figure that all dance students should be familiar with.

Next, we got into our Cha Cha Cha, changing partners frequently, and focusing on the cross overs, the finishes to the cross overs and the lead and follow.  Finally I went over the basic ‘Elements of Dancing’ – very important information for any dancer, advanced or beginner.

YES! I would like to learn how to ballroom dance!

its easy just click on the pic below and get connected