Monday Ballroom Class learns how to V. Waltz to Aretha Franklin’s ‘Natural Woman’ Swings to ‘Chain of Fools’

Tonight we had great attendance for the Monday Ballroom group class even though it was Labor Day. Quite a few gentlemen made it It, and, was great to see the impressive turnout of singles for the class.

We are currently in our tribute to Aretha Franklin and the class picked up where we left off last Monday which is the Viennese Waltz to ‘Natural Woman’. The group class began with a review of the V.Waltz basic progressing into the quarter turns, which everyone handled nicely.  Next we started a pattern project, that we will continue to study in the coming weeks, a figure called the Cross Body Lead to Backspot Turn – a beautiful V.Waltz movement that presents a small challenge but well worth it.  We took a good look at the way the Backspot Turn finishes, making sure we are placing the leads. 

To wrap up the group class we reviewed the East Coast Swing to ‘Chain of Fools’, a lively number from Aretha – in the next few weeks we will be focusing on the men – their leads, back hand changes, the man’s turns – its going to be all about the guys. 

We have Monday Ballroom 7:00 at the 1st Presbyterian Church, 3810 Robert Grissom Pkwy, be sure to enter on 38th by the fire station – Everyone, of course is welcome.

I want to be a better Ballroom Dancer- Just click on the pic to get started, don’t delay join us today.