Learn how to dance the Bolero at the JB Floyd Community Center North Myrtle Beach

On this Monday the JB Floyd Ballroom Group Class worked on 2 interesting dances – the Bolero and the Paso Doble.  We meet at the North Myrtle Beach Community Center on Possum Trot Mondays at 11 am and Wednesdays at noon.  It is my opinion that JB Floyd has the best facility on the Grand Strand for Ballroom instruction – the wooden floor is nice and large, the sound system is state of the art, the air conditioning is fabulous, the staff is friendly, plenty of parking, its just wonderful and Carolina Dance Partners have been there going on 10 years. You need to come out and join in on the group classes. 

The Bolero is an advanced dance with specific characteristics –  it moves big, needs control and the music is quite unique and beautiful.  Bolero is a great dance that enhances your posture skills.  Our new subject is going to be ‘Balance’ – if you balance needs attention you will want to study the Bolero. Today we started a new figure called the Parallel Open Left Box with Man’s Fake. Once we start a new pattern we will stay with it for a few weeks to ensure success.  About half way through the group we switched subjects to the Paso Doble basics with Ladies Turn. 

YES! I would like to learn how to do the Bolero – Join us by clicking on the pic below for more info.