Learn how to dance Silver Waltz.

This evening, Monday at the 1st Presbyterian Church, we got into the Intermediate Waltz, namely the Silver Basic and the Hover.  While the new students were busy learning Silver step #1 the Advanced dancers were introduced to the Hover, a challenging and beautiful balancing movement. 

Next, we reviewed our Salsa Man’s Neck Wrap to Combination Breaks.  We have been at this subject for a few weeks, so, in the upcoming sessions we will be learning some new material.  It is very important to review the patterns to make sure that we ‘Own’ them – wants the point of frustrating yourself with the ‘step of the week’ method – you will never get it that way and that is why Carolina Dance Partners stays with the figure for at least 3 weeks until it belongs to us. 

Yep, we will be working on our Silver Waltz for 2 more weeks and by then you will have a gratifying ballroom dance experience.

Just a reminder – we won’t be having the Date Night Group Class this Friday, October 19th.  We will be back with Date Night the following Friday.

Learn how to dance the Silver Waltz The Carolina Dance Partners Way – just click on the pic below for all the information.