JB Floyd Wednesday Class Gets An Education On Music Interpretation

Wednesday at noon Carolina Dance Partners has a Ballroom Group Class and for this class we looked at the East Coast Swing, The Foxtrot, The Rumba, The Tango, the Cha-cha and the Waltz focusing on the rhythm and music interpretation.

The men were asking how they where supposed to define the music at dance parties, so, we started with the Swing basic and how to lead it into a Lindy Timing. Next we counted the Rumba basic explaining how the ‘Slows’ and ‘Quicks’ worked and methods of how to start the patterns.  From there I explained how to created variations on Tango timings, and the advanced counts for the Cha-cha and finally we went over the 4 musical signatures of the Waltz. 

Trying out the dance rhythms, this group involved quite a bit of music before we wrapped it up.

I can’t seem to know the right dance for the music I hear – Learn how do I interpret the music? – just click on the pic below and lets get started