JB Floyd Monday Ballroom Class Learns Cha Cha, Waltz and Lead and Follow

Carolina Dance Partners holds a ballroom group class every Monday at 11 am at the J.B. Floyd Community Center in North Myrtle Beach –  it’s a great time for anyone who is retired and would like to get some exercise. 

Today’s class began with the Cha Cha Cha, perfecting our lead and follow skills with the Crossover Break and the Progressive Chase.  Next, we looked at the Arthur Murray and the Fred Astaire versions of the Fallaway in Silver Waltz. 

Continuing with our Posture Project we studied our Body Blocks emphasizing the hips as they relate to better posture.  We wrapped up the group class with a quick tutorial on 5 dance positions – those being, Closed, Promenade, Counter Promenade and Open Right  and Open Left Side by Side.  All dance classes are different – and this was we especially interesting.

YES! I want to improve my Ballroom Dance skills – click on the pic below and learn more.