Carolina Dance Partners Friday Date Night Group Class learned a new fancy advanced Waltz pattern called the ‘Slip Pivot’. 

The step started with a half box, then to a fallaway position to the Slip Pivot and a Rock Turn.  The class mastered the figure in about a half an hour, then we moved in to a review of the Foxtrot Forward Progressive. 

Next we did a quick study in some Latin basics, namely the Bolero and the Cha-cha, looking at way that these 2 dances are similar.  As always, I gave the group a free half hour of practice time and the request was for more Waltz music and then we played some Cha-cha’s and a few Rumba’s before wrapping up the evening. 

We made some progress tonight with our outside partners positions and the lead and follow.  A productive class If I must say so myself and I just did! 

WOW! I would like to learn how to Waltz too –

You Can! Just click on the pic below for more details.