Friday Date Night Ballroom learns how to Waltz, Tango and Swing

Carolina Dance Partners has a Ballroom Date Night scheduled every Friday at 7:00 –

Where? We will get to that later. 

Friday, November 16th,  was a great group featuring the American Tango plus a Christmas Waltz review. We started with the Christmas Waltz Project – the plan is to have a little Waltz in every class during the season – your goal is to master some basic Waltz before Christmas. So far so good – the group studied the Christmas Courtesy and the Arthur Murray Turn to the tune of ‘Sliver Bells’.  The Waltz will improve your balance. 

After that we went into a Tango sequence of the Basic to the Tango Box finishing with the Promenade.  Tango is an excellent dance to learn how to lead and follow.  To wrap up the class we did some East Coast Swing to the Motown hit ‘Dancing in the street’ – Join us at the 1st Presbyterian Church, 3810 Robt Grissom Pkwy Myrtle Beach, Mondays and Friday always at 7 o’clock, for your ballroom dance needs.

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