Ballroom Dancers Bravely Face Hurricane Florence During Monday Group Class – Learn 2-step and Bolero

Hurricane Monday (Sept 10th) Ballroom Dance Class convened at the 1st Presbyterian Church for the Foxtrot, the 2-Step and the Bolero.  We are all aware of the storm brewing in the Atlantic and coming our way, so, our dancer bravely showed up for the Monday Ballroom Class.  We started with the Foxtrot and added some Promenade underarm turns for the ladies, from there we went into the 2-step rhythm for more country fun. 

To finish the class we did the Bolero basic and advancing that into the ‘Danse on’, a Fred Astaire figure. 

Classes will be on hiatus until after Hurricane Florence.  I will send out notices when the coast is clear. 

YES! I would love to learn how to Bolero!

Just click on the pic below for all of the details.