Ballroom Dance Class Review for Monday May 7th

Here is your review of the Ballroom Dance Class for Monday May 7th at the JB Floyd Community Center.

  Our dancing friends showed up this morning at 11 am for a beginner to intermediate group class.  We started with the Conga and studied the basics of lead and follow with underarm turn techniques.  From there we reviewed the Waltz box and included the Forward and Backward Hesitations.  I had requests to go over the Tango pattern ‘Gypsy Eyes’ – so we did that one again focusing on how it works with line of dance and we finished up the hour with a 4 count Hustle. 

We have Ballroom Dance Group Classes every Monday at 11 and Wednesday at noon.  This Drop-in group class is $10 per person and $15 for couples – everyone is welcome and no experience is necessary.  Please come a little early to change in to your dance shoes and socialize with your friends – we start promptly at 11 on Mondays.

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