Ballroom Class Wraps Up Christmas Waltz Project – Congratulations

Carolina Dance Partners Evening Ballroom Group Class meets every Monday at 7:00 and for this group we reviewed the Christmas Waltz Project patterns – the Open Side by Side and the Alternating Turns. 

This class is a combination of beginner and advanced Ballroom dancers.  Even though the experienced dancers have mastered the step I can always give them some styling points and the beginners can watch how the advanced students are presenting the pattern. 

I start the group classes with the difficult maneuvers and proceed to the easier steps towards the finish of the class – our first pattern is the involved and beautiful Open Side by Side with Sun and Moon Changes. We followed that with the Alternating Turns. These 2 figures when done back to back make a sweet looking combination. 

We have concluded our Christmas Waltz Project – thanks for participating and you learned some very nice Waltz – Congratulations!

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