Wednesday JB Floyd Class Learns Party Dances – Foxtrot, Rumba, Tango and Calypso

The 3 ways to learn how to ballroom dance are 1) private lessons, 2) group classes and 3) dance parties, lots and lots of dance parties.  In this review we will use 2 of these 3 methods to demonstrate how they can work together. 

There is Ballroom Dance Preservation Society Masque Ball scheduled for this Saturday at the JB Floyd Community Center in North Myrtle Beach and I determined that we needed to bone up on dances that we will use at the Halloween party.  Carolina Dance Partners is slated to teach a quick Tango lesson before the party at 6:30, so we reviewed some of our basic Tango steps.  The Foxtrot is the most popular of the ballroom dances and we took a look at our Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick formula and studied the first 3 steps of the beginners social dance program.  The Salsa is a dance that we have been applying for the last three weeks so this was a breeze – we reviewed the Night Club Rumba Crossovers variations and the Right Side Pass.  Finally, to wrap up our regular Wednesday Ballroom group we learned more about the Calypso and the Underarm Turns.  That was a full hour of Ballroom dance instruction and party prep. Lets go dancing!

YES! I would like to go to more dance parties –

You’re invited!  Just click on the pic below and let’s get started.