Wednesday Group Class Learns Advanced Waltz – 26 Dec 18

Wednesday Ballroom Group Class got to be the first on the new JB Floyd dance floor!  Over the Christmas holiday the Floyd Center refinished all the dance floors on the facility and they look beautiful – shiny and smooth. 

Our class began with the Waltz Silver Open Right, moving in the Advanced Zig-Zag to the Slip Pivot.  We got down to the details about how room alignments create a better movement.  Going back to the basics we learned about the Reverse and Natural Turns in Waltz and spent about 15 minutes on that subject.  Getting close to the finish of the class we applied the Reverse Turn with Tango rhythm as a connector to the Tango Promenade.  I was very pleased with how this class progressed, working on patterns and the techniques.  Remember we will be learning how to dance the Tango before Valentines Day.

TANGO? Did you say TANGO? I would love to learn how to dance the TANGO –

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