Wednesday Ballroom Dance Class Waltz Review

Join us in our Wednesday ballroom dance classes – twelve noon at the JB Floyd Community Center in North Myrtle Beach, 1030 Possum Trot Rd.

  Our Carolina Dance Partners Wednesday Ballroom Dance Class reviewed the Advanced Silver Waltz  Outside Check, a nice ‘picture pose’ pattern.  We started this figure 2 weeks ago and today we did the final review, and now its time to introduce another great dance step.  Also, we modified the Cha-cha Half Moon into a Bolero movement, finishing it with a fancy underarm turn.  We wrapped up this afternoon’s group class with the Disco Hustle Alternating Underarm Turn for the guys, a very cool looking swing pattern.

  Its sensational to see the group class couples becoming a team, people watching them can admire the cooperation exhibited in partnership ballroom dancing. 

YES! I would like to become a better ballroom dancer (just click on the pic below)