Tonight the Couples Club learned how to do the Waltz Progressive and West Coast Swing Basics

We have our Dancing Couples Club every Friday at 7.  Read about what we learned in the Dancing Couples Club for this Friday Night.
  If  you have been following these blogs, than you will know, that when we start a subject, like a Waltz Basic, I will follow through at least 3 weeks just to make sure that my students are getting it.  Tonight I introduced the West Coast Swing basics and that went very well, and, after we got the hang of it we tried it to ‘Mustang Sally’.  Then, about half way through the group class, we switched into Waltz mode, reviewing the Forward and Backward basics, a pattern that we learned last week.  It was easier this time and tonight we discussed how to do accurate footwork.  Of course we wanted to amalgamate our new moves into our other Waltz steps, so the last part of the session was to try it to some nice Waltz music and to add the Forward and Backward basics. Our Waltz is improving and we are at the beginning of the having a cool West Coast Swing. 
The Dancing Couples Club is perfect for any couple that wants to spend some quality time together learning how to ballroom dance.  Millions of couples know how to dance and so can you.  You just gotta try, that’s all.  Carolina Dance Partners has created many successful dancing couples and today they are enjoying the benefits of a better relationship.   
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