The Carolina Dance Partners Monday JB Floyd Community Center ballroom group class kicked off the week with a study in Waltz and East Coast Swing.

We have lessons every Monday at 11 am and Wednesday at 12 noon.  The JB Floyd Center is at 1030 Possum Trot Rd in North Myrtle Beach. For this Waltz group class we learned a very nice figure called the Open Side by Side and the Swing was a study in basics and turns.

  I announced to the group about my new ‘Posture Project’ where we focus attention on various forms of posture.  Standing up straight is just part of it and we will ,in the future, take a look at how the ballroom dancer approaches this thing called posture. We will practice improving our posture by applying it to our dance forms, such as Waltz. 

I am breaking down this subject in to categories and for this JB Floyd class we checked our necks – that’s right – just the neck and how we create better posture by how we use our neck line. 

Ever hear of the ‘Goose neck’?.  Not pretty!  Lets fix our posture by starting there. 

YES! I want better posture! 

We can improve our look through learning how to Waltz – get with it – Click on the pic below.