Swingles worked on the Shag Basics, Swing Sets and Country 2-Step.

Carolina Dance Partners Swingles holds their group classes 8 pm every Monday evening and tonight we worked on the Shag Basics, Swing Sets and Country 2-Step. 

The Shag has a number of different basics and this class studied the basic basic (no, we didn’t stutter) and the Chase Basic. We danced to the music for about 15 minutes before transitioning to our Swingles Swing Sets, a team dance effort that you just gotta see to believe – I was impressed with the callers and the how the teams responded.  We had two distinctive groups going at this time – the advanced Swing Set dancers and the beginners who were learning how to execute the ‘Pass’ – the method/call used to change partners. 

To wrap up the Swingles class we reviewed and practiced the country 2-step to the music. 

WOW! This sounds like fun – but, I can’t dance.  Learn how to get started by clicking on the pic below