Swingles – Review of our weekly swing dance group class

Read about what we did in our weekly Monday evening Swingles dance group class. 

Before class I give the announcement concerning the Swingles Club – I asked everyone to log on the Carolina Dance Partners Dot Com and go to the Contact Us page so I can update the site – and then I let everyone know that in a couple of weeks we will be going out to a local night club for a Monday night out on the town.  Remember, you need to bring your I.D. and leave your purses in the car, just come in with what you really need. 

Tonight for the Swingles group class we added some new members and right away we reviewed the Triple Time Swing with a combination move where the man does a neck wrap followed by the ladies underarm turn.  We applied that same concept to our 4 count Hustle and tried it out in our circle where we change partners (known as SWINGLES).

  A highlight of the group class is when our free style coach, Sandee, gave us an a sundry of sixties dances starting with the Jerk, next the Monkey, to the Swim, then the Pony and last, the Peppermint Twist.  Sandee really knows her stuff, including little tidbits, hints and tips to make it easy and even some interesting history about each dance -Wow! She is a treasure of knowledge.  Finally she wrapped it up with the Locomotion Line Dance – that was a lot of fun, and, she will be giving us more of these cool moves that we can use to songs from the 60’s in the upcoming weeks – don’t miss these special 60’s dance session with Sandee.  Wanna know more? Click on the picture below