Swing Dancers Plan For December Dancing Out On The Town

Swing Dance for Singles happens every Monday at 8:00 and this week we did a review of the new pattern that we learned last week – the Continuous Outside Tuck In. 

Before the class we checked our calendars to schedule an upcoming swing dance outings for the month of December. 

Swing Dance for Singles always starts out with an East Coast Swing warm up – this is where you change partners and meet the other singles.  Since we are preparing for a night out I try to cover all of the situations that we might encounter and that includes Country music, so, with that, we went over the 4-step with variations.

We wrapped up the singles group class with some Disco Hustle practice before calling it a night.  The Swing Dance for Singles group class is $10 per group class and we plan on having 2 nights out for December.

Join us for Swing Dancing – click on the pic below for more info.