Swing Dance For Singles Learns New Fred Astaire Pattern & Some Country 2 Step

During Hurricane Florence I evacuated to Sarasota Florida and while I was there I went to a Fred Astaire Friday night studio party.  I’ll tell you all about that later in the Club Scene Magazine Newsletter that I publish every Thursday. 

While I was there I decided to attend the Swing group class before the dance party and that’s where I learned the Back to Back with Swivels, which is the figure that we studied tonight during the Swing Dance for Singles Group Class.  Its a nice piece of East Coast Swing choreography with some interesting timing changes and a very slick finish – I was pleased with how my dance students picked it up. 

Never fear if you don’t get it the first time because I always go over a subject for at least 3 weeks to make sure that you ‘own’ the step.  What’s the point of attending ballroom groups classes when every week its something different – wouldn’t it be nice for you to accomplish the assignment from last week?! Why frustrate yourself with that style of training – you gotta have review or you will never get it.

Gee Wilachers.

I reminded my Swing Dance for Singles group class that we will return to the Back to Back with Swivels next week and the week after that – guaranteed to make it a great looking pattern. 

About half way through the session I changed the subject to Country Western 2 Step with ladies turns.  We did it from the sweetheart position and worked on the lead and follow for the ladies basic underarm turns.  Another great Swing Dance For Singles group class. 

Remember, we will be going out night club dancing in the next couple of weeks. 

Swing Dance For Singles! That looks like fun to me – how do I join?

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