Swing Dance for Singles is a crash course in Jitterbug, Shag, Slow and Free Style Night Club Dancing

Swing Dance for Singles is every Monday, 8:00, at the 1st Presbyterian Church 3810 Grissom Pkwy in Myrtle Beach.  We start on time so lets get on our dancing shoes and get going! 

Since I have scheduled a dance event that will require us to know how to Jitterbug, we began with the basic, then to the ladies turns, and finishing with a popular combination.  A fun and easy way to learn is with our swing teams, this is where we listen for the calls, make the move and follow up by changing partners.  It works perfectly and looks great! 

We can anticipate some slow dancing so we did a crash course in that subject before reviewing our new Shag step, Man’s Double Turn. 

Once upon a time we went out to a night club for an evening of swing dancing, and, according to legend, that’s when we developed ‘Sandee’s Dance Jam’ – the idea is to create a large circle and keep on eye on Sandee, who is the queen of solo Free Style.  Can you keep up with Sandee? I can’t, she has so many fabulous moves its insane.  That has become one of my favorite moments in Swing Dancing for Singles – try to follow her and you will have a lot of fun learning how to boogie and woogie.

This sounds like a lot of fun – but – I can’t Jitterbug?!

Don’t Panic and just click on the pic below and everything will turn out right – just do it