Swing Dance For Singles Group Class Changes Partners

Swing Dance For Singles meets every Monday at 8:00 and tonight we reviewed our night on the town.  Last week we went out to a favorite Myrtle Beach night spot for an evening of Swing Dancing, where we did the Disco Hustle, the East Coast Swing, the Country 2-Step and the Businessman’s 1-Step.

We always begin the group with a Triple Time Swing, changing partners frequently – this how we meet new people and make new friends. Next, we went into a quick session on the Businessman’s 1-Step and followed that up with some Showy Swingles practice.  Swingles is a great way to teach and learn Swing patterns, develop teamwork and change partners with each call.  To wrap up the class we ‘Jammed with Sandee’ – Sandee is an expert at Freestyle Dancing and we gave us a workout doing the Swim!

I made sure that we did a lot of dancing to the music during this group class – we got some exercise that’s for sure! 

Wanna learn how to Swing Dance? Single? Connect today just click on the pic below