SSsHhh – Here Is Another Secret of Ballroom Dance Lead and Follow

All you need is the secrets of ballroom dance lead and follow to help create the dancer that you dream of – here is another secret – SssHhh – keep it to yourself. 

We have discussed in earlier blogs about using your imagination to visualize the dance hold – we can see the couple in the embrace and the points of contact – that’s a good start – but, they have one more point of contact that is real important.  Go back to your mental picture and see if you can find it. 

This is super important and that is the couples connection to the dance floor – obvious I know – but its where the dancing begins.  All of this is essential even before you take a single step and that is to understand your relationship to the floor and then to your partner.  Don’t take these tips and secrets for granted – learn them, love them, know them – YOU will be much more successful once your really have these ideas mastered.

WOW! I am getting a lot from these Lead and Follow tips and secrets – If I want to know more all I have to do is click on the picture below and I will be instantly transported to the Carolina Dance Partners Club Web Page….