Are you a Shy Guy? We get it. A lot of guys are that way, but we have a painless solution – here it is –  Learn how to swing dance and you can get over it.  We teach men all of the time how to do the Shag, Jitterbug, Country, Disco and, with some encouraging practice, they are feeling confident and having a great time.

  We are a singles club, so you will need to buy a monthly club membership which covers all of your sessions plus we go out once a month to see a band or attend a dance party. The charge is $30 per person for the month, not bad when you see what you can do with a few group classes – you will meet other singles, make some new friends and learn a lifetime skill.

SWINGLES is here to help, we schedule a regular Monday club dance lesson and then, after you get the hang of it, we all go out as a group to a local night club for swing dancing.  You will have plenty of dance partners that you have met in the group classes and just like that (snap your fingers) you will be a comfortable swing dancer with a few cool moves under your belt.

Right now you don’t have any dance moves – Right now, you can’t dance – you have excuses – 2 left feet and all that – stop the madness – make it a point to get on with it and finally learn how to swing dance and begin to receive the benefits that only dance can provide.

Join SWINGLES by calling Carolina Dance Partners at 843-798-2639 or email us at

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