Shag dancing was on the tonight’s agenda for the 8 o’clock singles group class a the 1st Presbyterian Church. 

We always start out our group class with an East Coast Swing, just to get everyone warmed up for a fun time.  During the warm up we change  partners so that we all get to meet the new members. The additions to our EC Swing was a Double Underarm Turn and then we moved on to the Shag, studying a Set-Up Basic and the Mans Underarm Turn. 

Next we teamed up for our Swing Sets – this is where we do the Disco Hustle and change partners by using a caller.  Tonight was a through review of the Pass, the Double Underarm Turn, the Combination, The 4 Kicks and the Hand Shake. ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’ by Eddie Money and ‘Strutter’ by Kiss were our musical selections. 

We have plans to go out swing dancing next Monday after class. 

I would love to learn how to do the Shag –

You Can! Just click on the pic below and lets get started