Read about what we learned in Swing Class recently.

Last night we had a productive SWINGLES Monday group class.  We began at 8:00 with the East Coast Swing Basic, an essential for any swing dancer.   East Coast Swing, or Triple Time Swing is a good one to start the group class, almost everyone knows it, and if your a beginner, then its pretty easy to pick up. 

After that we went into some country dancing, specifically the Texas Two-Step, kind of a new one for most of the SWINGLES Members.  Along time ago, in SWINGLES history, we learned a fun bit of swing dancing where we have a ‘caller’ say the step (tonight was He goes/She goes) the swing dancers perform move and then change partners. It takes some teamwork and looks great. 

Not everything comes easy, and, for a small part of the class we reviewed the toe-heel swivels, a flashy footwork pattern that requires a little more effort but well worth it. 

We wrapped up the SWINGLES group class with a mini free style session with instructor Sandee, who gave us some cool 1960’s moves.  Sandee will be offering for a limited time these lessons in dances from the 60’s, like the Hully Gully, Twist, Jerk and more. 

Being a SWINGLES Member has its benefits, so we encourage you to fill out the contact form below and join us for more SWINGLES fun.