We have ballroom group classes every Monday and Wednesday at the JB Floyd Community Center in North Myrtle Beach. Read about what we learned in our Ballroom class today. 

As a group we started some subjects last week and we continued to work on these patterns just to make sure that we really ‘own’ them.  The group started with some new disco dancing moves – a backspot turn with underarm turn – a fancy and easy pattern.  We followed that with a cool Tango pattern called ‘Gypsy Eyes’ and then reviewed our Waltz Progressive and finished with the Rumba Rock Turn.  That’s quite a lot for an hour of ballroom – disco, tango, waltz and rumba – nice job class! 

You can join us for group classes held at various times and places – some are ‘Drop-in’ and we also have our ‘clubs’ (Dancing Couples and Singles Swing) – for more information click on the Picture below.